Established in 1958, Cosmos Machinery started as a small-scale machinery factory before transforming into a trading business, distributing Chinese machine tools and motors in Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries.  As industries in Hong Kong thrived and prospered, Cosmos Machinery has been able to grow and develop an excellent long-term partnership with its counterparts in Mainland China through business dealings and collaboration.  To pave the way for further significant development, Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1988.


In 1997, Welltec Industrial Equipment Limited (now known as Cosmos Machinery Limited) was merged into the Group, which gave a strong impetus to the development of machinery manufacturing business of the Group. Today, in addition to producing plastic injection molding machines, extrusion lines, rubber injection molding machines and hydraulic presses, the Group has also set up plastic processing and manufacturing plants in major industrial cities in Mainland China to provide quality plastic parts and products to local manufacturers.  At present, the Group has production bases in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, and has also established a nationwide sales network with 3,000 employees.


Over the past 60 years, I treasure the attainment of trust from our partners and customers.  With the recognition and support of the industry, the Group has made steady growth of our businesses and established a solid foundation of development and a reliable brand.  We are grateful to have a group of dedicated employees who have risen to the challenge and turned it into a driving force for the development of the Group.  We will continue placing great emphasis on training and career development for our staff so that our team can be equipped with new skillsets and mindsets to overcome new challenges.


I fully aware that staying in a state of complacency is the major obstacle to keeping rapid pace with industrial development.  We will take a pragmatic and aggressive attitude in utilizing our existing foundation and resources. In order to meet and surpass customers’ expectations, achieve possible significant returns for our investors and employees, and contribute to national industrial development, Cosmos Machinery will keep on actively participating in research and development, continuously innovating, and enhancing the technique and quality standards of our services and products with latest technology.


Withholding our foothold in the industrial and satisfying the needs of our customers are our Group's unremitting direction.

We look forward to collaborate with the industrial sector to build a commonwealth.