Notable Events

Dekuma on the road to rubber and plastic technology

We announce that Dongguan Dekuma Welltec Machinery Company Limited has changed the name of its production and sales headquarters in Dongguan to "Dekuma Rubber And Plastic Technology (Dongguan) Limited" (Dekuma) with effect from 13 April 2009.

This change of name represents Dekuma's concentration on the rubber and plastic industry, and the persistence of innovative technology. It also symbolizes Dekuma's determination to unify its brand strategy and to fulfill high-performance requirements within its present business scope.

Since its inception in 2004, Dekuma has become a well recognized international brand name of rubber and plastic machineries through continuous product development, innovation and market penetration. Dekuma develops and manufactures rubber injection machines, extrusion lines and blow moulding machines which are widely sold across China, North America, Western Europe, the United Kingdom as well as other developing countries and areas including India, Russia, South America and Iran.

Thanks to the ever-changing market demands, customers not only purchase machines from Dekuma but also request turnkey solutions on product design, moulds and process know-how.

Dekuma believes that with continuous improvement, innovative technology, good reputation and quality service, it can progress in the competition and exceed customers' expectations.

We sincerely invite our customers, suppliers and business partners to join hands with Dekuma on the road to rubber and plastic technology.